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i wanna date someone and live with them in a shitty apartment but be happy about it because we are happy together and we can decorate it with stupid dorky posters of shit we like and figurines and art and we can cook weird recipes we found on the internet and eat them and watch cartoons even if the food is gross because we made it and we’re perfect

|| [because i thought it was ill] by Kaga

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Temple’s campus looks pretty lovely today.


how many “take me to the museum and make out with me” posts can y’all make like damn you’re horny and pretentious we get it

no one understands

 i just found out my favorite resident at work who always kissed me and hugged me and said she loved me passed away today and i feel like shit

my aunt has gone through so much in the past few years like cancer and going blind from diabetes and losing her business and having a sucky husband and it just makes me sad because she loves me so much and now shes angry at my other aunt which is so unlike our family and it sucks because she does it out of pain not because shes actually angry at her sister and i just want to talk to her and make her feel better ;( especially because she is so much like me im sad



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